Morphbots has a vision of making robotic literacy ubiquitous in the US and around the world. Just like the Gutenberg press helped proliferate books and as a result the literacy rates exploded, we think the Breadboard Game can introduce more students to robotics. Over 60% of US schools provide Chromebooks for their students, but less than 5% of schools provide robotic curriculum. The Breadboard Game gives students access to robotics learning using their Chromebook or any other device for that matter. The Breadboard Game simulates a physical robotics kit using electrical components. It teaches students the physics of electricity, how to build a circuit, and how to program a robot using code.
Robotics is a gateway to STEM education and STEM careers. STEM jobs are growing 3 times faster than non-STEM jobs and already pay 2 ½ times higher. Exposing students in the 4th grade and even younger to robotics, circuits, and programming is an urgent need if we want to set them up for success when they grow up. We believe the earlier students play the Breadboard Game, the more likely they will become robotic literate as they grow older.

John Frank

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