Think it, Create it, and Morph it

MorphBots are a better education. We think MorphBots will become the future of education because they self-assemble. In times that continue to accelerate with technology, the information age professional will use autonomous systems as the standard. MorphBots are self-assembling modular robotic cubes that can configure into anything a student can imagine. No more wrenches or screwdrivers to make a robot because MorphBots are 100% autonomous. Look at our video animations below to get an idea of how these would work in a classroom setting. If you want to learn more about us, check out our team below.


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  •  MorphBots begin as a bed of cubes on the platform, then configure themselves into a car with accessory bots as wheels.
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  • Morphbots reconfigure themselves from a car to a walking robot in a few seconds.

About us

Robot Startup is an EdTech company that is developing a modular robotic kit called MorphBots for students pursuing STEM education. Robotics education is growing fast as demand increases in K-12 (kindergarten to 12th grade) schools worldwide. In fact, money spent on robotics education is projected to go over $3 billion by 2025. The pandemic has made clear that remote education is a necessity. MorphBots will be the first robotic kit that students can collaborate with remotely, anywhere in the world.

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