What is the Breadboard Game?

The Breadboard Game is a virtual robotics kit that is playable on most devices including a Chromebook. It simulates a physical robotics kit using electrical components with high accuracy. Meaning that if a student uses the Breadboard Game for a reasonable time, the knowledge they acquire will carry over when they start using a physical kit! The gamification teaches the student how to assemble and program the circuit. It helps schools and students begin learning about robotics without any experience with robotics upfront. It is the easiest way for schools, educators, and students to begin learning robotics today!

Morphbots Ethos

Morphbots has a dream to saturate the world with robotics education. The earlier K12 students are exposed to robotics education, the more likely they will pursue robotics as they advance their education. Our purpose is to proliferate robotics education and make it a universal standard. Just like most kids can read a book, our goal is to make robotic literacy the norm. Our vision is a world where most students know how to program a robot with code! The way we achieve this mission is to maximize the accessibility of robotics learning. In the US, most schools have Chromebooks but very few provide robotics education. The reason is either schools cannot afford robotic kits, or the teachers themselves lack the experience. We think the Breadboard Game is one way to overcome those hurdles.

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John Frank

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